"Lille Kurvhuset" at Storetveit Barnehage,( kindergarten)Bergen 2019,

Lille Kurvhuset is a public art project featuring a permanent sculpture. This fairy tale structure combines traditional building customs from both Norway and Ethiopia. It contrasts with the modern architecture of the main kindergarten building and was designed to create an adventurous universe for play and social interaction. The supporting structure is made of wood and stone, with additional materials such as hemp, ropes, timber, grass, rocks, and acrylic paint, consistent with myths and ecology.

"Shengo", permanent installation at Vadmyra Barnhagen (Kindergarten) 2018  Bergen 

Organic materials are used to construct the thatched roof structure based on traditional organic shelters and designs. This sculpture is approximately 450 cm high and 320 cm in diameter, resting on a 700 cm diameter platform made of sand, wood, straw, clay, rope, river stones, and newly harvested and recycled timber.

In Amharic, shengo refers to a place of meeting.

"To the yellow" Design sketch for KORO  EPHEMERALITY –APermanentColection at KMD  Bergen  Norway, 2017