“NEW BLUE,” 2021 HKS Bergen. Installation/Participatory- performance, 

"NEW BLUE" is an interactive exhibit featuring physical constructions, biographical documentaries, audio recordings, songs, and text. It includes two large-scale tents in yellow and red, each representing a character through materials, colour, and sound. The third imaginative tent, surrounded by blue spotlights, invites the audience to collectively describe a place of peace and clarity.

"CIRCLE" Installation 2022 G-K Bergen 

The Installation included interconnected videos, stop-motion animations, blue bead structures, mirror collages, puppets, and a bowl of milk and water. Collectively, these pieces create a dynamic and dreamlike atmosphere within the gallery.

"DROP TO FETCH"  2018-2020  

Installation/performance/voiceover presented in Turku, Finland, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, Oslo, Norway, Bergen, Norway

"I Have a Cow on the Sky, That I Don't See the Milk" is an installation and participatory performance presented in various locations between 2015-2019, including Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger in Norway, Dresden in Germany, Verburg in Sweden, and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. The installation incorporates documentary videos and text.

Daughters of  farmers 2015-2020 Bergen Norway,  Addis Abeba Ethiopia

"Daughters of Farmers" is an interactive installation and performance with voiceover audio, a live chicken, and traditional brewed drink Teg. The exhibition encourages live, playful interaction and creates a homelike atmosphere in the gallery space. The voiceover "I Am a Daughter of Farmers" presents a fictional, poetic script derived from multiple layers of biographical stories.

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