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My relationship with art started from an inborn talent that I had to explore. Because of where I grew up, Ibecame an illustrator under Communist censure, then a painter and sculptor. My art became commercial and a tool forsurvival. Later, under new circumstances, I began to explore contemporary art, including three dimensional installationsand relational aesthetics. I became a socially engaged artist. So for me it was a natural progression that lead me to whereI am now, a story teller of time based art. All these artistic titles have had their influence on my creativity. It all flowsfrom one monotone base. Working within a label pushes art into controlled spaces, where titles pin the artwork down tonarrow contexts. I am hoping to highlight important subjects, rather than styles. I believe art should allow for flexibilityof space, time and narration.

Fine art

K,mender Design

Kijiji project

My documentaries, sound and video works,installations, performance, employ a quirkysensibility to investigate the painfulconsequences of migration. And thetechniques of storytelling and narration thatseek to overcome the traditional formats ofthe documentary,


permanent installation for public art project

Project plan and picture of work inprogress

Kijiji project

installation workshop video animation text and audio

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